Interior Design Tips for 2013: Featured in Barton Creek Living Magazine

By: Melissa Webb

Melissa Webb personal logo (640x640)Spring time is upon us in Barton Creek.  Here are a few tips on Interior Design tips for 2013 that one can use to update a home now that the bulbs are starting to bloom.  Texture and Touch:  People seem to be in search for “touchable” textures that inspire warmth and comfort.  Suede and wood are two of the materials which will define the interior design world in 2013.  Also, variety of texture will be a key factor in arranging spaces.  Another trend along these lines is embroidery and knitting.  This isn’t your Grandmother’s projects.  Colorful carpets with thousands of knots to various storage baskets and handmade projects will be here for a while.  Have you noticed all of the strips in both retail and furniture stores?  A simple way to achieve vibrant living and energy in a space is using stripes in an elegant manner.  From carpets, wallpapers to upholstery and graphic art – each of these elements can wear the distinct feature of movement as long as they are designed by stripes.  The idea is to make things stand out, without compromising in elegance and harmony.  Lastly,  floral patterns with a white background are back!  Floral patterns are back in style, only this year they come with a twist:  a white background.  You can go for a variety of colors, as long as the overall result is appealing.  Try new fabric covers, graphic art, wall paintings and wallpapers, if you want a strong effect.

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